Our Story

Bring the comforts of home with the Woodbury & Co collection for guests who are taking time away from their busy lives. With this collection, your guest will get the old apothecary feel that resembles the natural essence of the product. This collection is unique on its own as it was made with the thought of your guests in mind. Woodbury & Co was developed with the idea to bring comfort and relaxation to you guest with the fig and brown sugar fragrance.


Brown Sugar

A natural element that will bring a natural radiant glow to your skin and hair. You won't feel too dry or not too oily after using the Woodbury & Co collection. The brown sugar draws moisture and locks it into skin giving you the feeling of being moisturized and smooth.


A sweet fruit that contains nutrients to help create/build healthy hair and skin. Not only does figs bring these benefits to your health and skin, but has a sweet smell that is not overpowering.

Animal Testing Free